Getting Started

A: First install app from Google Play store on your phone.
Get it on Google Play

B: Now create an account from the phone or through Register option of website. After registration check your email address and folow the link in the email to confirm and finish the registration process.

C: Login to the website from PC browser and login in mobile with same username and password you registered. Now everything is ready and you can share text betwwen your devices!

Example: Run tha app on your mobile phone. Then go to your PC and copy something for example a link to a nice article in the web. Now past the link in the in the send box and click on send button.

That was all things you need to do to share text amid your devices. Your text now is on all of devices clipboards. Go to your mobile and paste the text everywhere you wish.

App Sections

  1. Turn on/off clipboard monitoring service. If the eye symbole is active then copying any text in your device will be on the other devices too.
  2. Type any text to send to the other devices clipboard.
  3. Send button.
  4. Swipe to right direction deletes permanently the text from the list of past clipboards.
  5. Swipe to left direction deletes the text from list but push it on top of the list.
  6. Tap on text show complete text.
  7. Show a text copied in the clipboard (from any device).
  8. The name of sender device.

PC Software

Clipboard Share has a desktop version software that gives better user experience. It gives better user automation. You can download it from here:
Windows v1.0
clipboard-share-linux-x64 v1.0.tar

Note: This software still is under development. We will inform you for latest update by email.


  • Clipboard Share saves up to 100 past clipboard contents history.
  • For security reason PC side software does not push automatically any copy of your clipboard contents to mobile devices or vice versa except you go to website or open the desktop software and send the clipboard contents to mobile devices by send button.